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#PPP Tournament Registration

All anglers and alternates must be members to participate in an event. Entry fees are required to fish each qualifier and championship tournament. Entry fee may be paid online. (Registration $600/plus tax). A Captain’s Meeting will be held prior to every tournament; registration may be processed in person at this time. Late registration the morning of tournament day / launch will be assessed a $35 late fee - NO EXCEPTIONS. To clarify, if you show up to fish unregistered the day of the event you will pay the entry fee including the late fee totaling $635 payable by CASH/CHECK ONLY. No late fees will be assessed for those registering at the Captain’s meeting prior to each event.

An optional $200 Calcutta will be offered at each event paid to the top three (3) Calcutta participants. To participate an additional $200 per team is due prior to launch. Additionally, an optional Big Fish Competition will be offered at each event payable to the heaviest slot Redfish Big Fish participating team. To participate an additional $20 per team is due prior to launch.

#PPP Power-Pole Pro Redfish Series | Rules and Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: Before checking out you must acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will abide by the Pro Tournament Fishing Rules and Regulations applicable to each tournament. You are expected to read and abide by the rules and regulations in their entirety. Pro Tournament Fishing retains the right to amend these published rules at any time during the tournament season in order to maintain the quality and competitiveness of Pro Tournament Fishing events. In the case of an amendment of rules during the calendar year, a notification will be sent via the email provided. The Official Pro Tournament Fishing Rules and Regulations rules and regulations (#PPP Power-Pole Pro Redfish Tour Rules and Regulations; #PPD Power-Pole Down Redfish Series Rules and Regulations; #PPRL Power-Pole Redfish Live and all other tournaments) are provided at

All deposits and entry fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE - NO EXCEPTIONS.